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Thoughts on colored hair?

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  • Thoughts on colored hair?

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    I am talking truly COLORED hair! Not the typical shades women and men use on a day to day basis but bright BOLD colors.
    How do you feel about the trend in the fashion world? I see a lot of models and actresses opting for hair like this. I am not sure how I feel!

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    I'm pleased it's not possible to dye your hair blue, green, yellow and all sorts. But I am unhappy that it's such a trend, because I always wanted blue hair, but if I got blue hair now, people would think I was just jumping on the bandwagon.


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      I sadly don't have hair due to health conditions but when I had hair I used to get it coloured a lot... Blonde, white blonde, red, metallic blue and purple. My favourite were the latter three.

      Wish I could still do that now...